~ Beauty Dungdung (29’) scored the lone goal for India ~

Dublin, 26 June 2022: The Indian Junior Women's Hockey Team lost 1-4 against the Netherlands in the final of the U23 5 Nations Tournament 2022 on Sunday, 26 June 2022, in Dublin, Ireland. India's lone goal came from Beauty Dungdung (29'), while Belen Van Der Broek (26'), Amber Brouwer (31’), Emma Santbrink (53'), and Sanne Hak (55') were on the target for the Netherlands.

The Netherlands side placed India under early pressure by earning their first Penalty Corner just minutes after the game began. The Indian Team, on the other hand, stood tall and prevented them from scoring. India steadily grabbed control of the game as the first quarter progressed, earning them their first PC of the match. However, they missed out on gaining the lead since it did not materialise. Following that, both sides increased their attacking efforts in pursuit of their first goal, but were unsuccessful as the first quarter came to a close.

Unlike the previous quarter, India went on the offensive in the second and was rewarded for it, winning their second PC in 10 minutes. The Netherlands squad earned a PC minutes later but was unable to convert it. They did not have to wait long for their first goal, as Belen Van Der Broek scored on a PC in the 26th minute. After India won a PC, Beauty Dungdung levelled the contest in the 29th minute. A minute later, the Dutch gained another PC, which Amber Brouwer converted, putting them ahead at the half-time break.

As the third quarter began, India attempted to boost their assault in search of an equaliser, while the Netherlands looked to double their lead. After a few tough minutes, the Dutch won the dominance battle, earning another PC. However, the Indian team held their nerve and stopped them from scoring. Despite their inability to convert the PC, the Dutch finished the third quarter ahead of India.

Despite being in the lead, the Netherlands team started the game's last quarter on the offensive, and it paid off as they earned their first PC of the fourth quarter in five minutes. India launched a counterattack in return, and as a result, they were able to win a PC. India, however, was unable to tie the game because the PC did not result in a goal. Emma Santbrink scored the third goal for the Netherlands in the 53rd minute, and Sanne Hak added another two minutes later to take the game away from India.

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