~ The Indian Women’s Hockey Team will be led by Preeti ~

Bengaluru, 31st January 2023: Hockey India on Tuesday announced the Indian Junior Women's Hockey Team squad for the tour of South Africa set to begin from February 14 onwards. The Indian team led by Preeti as Captain and Rutaja Dadaso Pisal as Vice-Captain will play a series of matches on the tour between 17th and 25th February against South Africa Junior Women's Hockey Team and South Africa A Team.

India's forward line includes Deepika Soreng, Deepika, Sunelita Toppo, Madugula Bhavani, Annu, and Taranpreet Kaur.

In the midfield, Jyoti Chhatri, Manju Chorsiya, Hina Banu, Nikita Toppo, Hritika Singh, Sakshi Rana, and Rutaja Dadaso Pisal have been given the opportunities.

Preeti, Jyoti Sing, Neelam, Mahima Tete, and Mamita Oram constitute Indian's defence line-up on the tour.

Apart from the 20 players, Aditi Maheshwari, Anjali Barwa, Edula Jyothi, and Bhumiksha Sahu have been named as the four reserve players in the squad.

Speaking on the squad selection, Chief Coach Indian Women's Hockey Janneke Schopman said, "The tour is a good opportunity for us to test our young batch of talented players and give them the right kind of exposure. It is important for us to ensure that we continue to give ample playing opportunities to players who are showing signs of progress. We hope to achieve good results on the tour." 

Indian Junior Women's Hockey Team squad: 

  1. Kurmapu Ramya
  2. Madhuri Kindo
  1. Preeti (Captain)
  2. Jyoti Singh
  3. Neelam
  4. Mahima Tete
  5. Mamita Oram
  1. Jyoti Chhatri
  2. Manju Chorsiya
  3. Hina Banu
  4. Nikita Toppo
  5. Hritika Singh
  6. Sakshi Rana
  7. Rutaja Dadaso Pisal (Vice-Captain)
  1. Deepika Soreng                          
  2. Deepika
  3. Sunelita Toppo                          
  4. Madugula Bhavani
  5. Annu
  6. Taranpreet Kaur


  1. Aditi Maheshwari
  2. Anjali Barwa
  3. Edula Jyothi
  4. Bhumiksha Sahu

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